Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Underground drainage pipe

The corrugated drainage pipe has been widely recognized in municipal as well as industrial water systems. Using high density polyethylene, water systems are guaranteed to be free from leaks and can be transferred from one area to another without much hassle. It is capable not only in resisting corrosion but fatigue and abrasion as well. The more specific examples of applications for water systems extend to potable water, mining, industrial and forced main sewers. The corrugated polyethylene pipe is regarded as one of the strongest and most reliable and cost effective solutions for drainage systems. Even in harsh weather conditions such as storm, the piping system is favored because of its strength, durability and long-term cost effectiveness. This boils down to a list of economical advantages. The underground drainage pipe is cut to size using a fine toothed saw. All underground drainage pipes come with either a socket end or a plain end that has been chamfered.
Drainage sales recommend that whenever you cut a pipe to size you must always make sure that the cut end is chamfered. This can be achieved using a rasp or a file. If you leave a square, rough cut end on a drainage pipe you run a real risk of damaging or misplacing the seal when the pipe is inserted into a fitting or an inspection chamber. For the same reason, a proprietary silicon lubricant should be used on all joints to ensure a smooth insertion into the fitting.
The last thing our house needs is a set of broken and damaged sewer pipes. Not only does it cause a lot to fix the problem, it also has the ability to burn a large hole in our wallets. Fixing it sounds very daunting, as there is the impression that the task is a very difficult one to accomplish.
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