Monday, 21 March 2016

Points for How to write an A grade essay

            The process of writing an essay is an orderly one, for any writer that intends to write an essay that will be distinctive among those of their peers. However, it is important to understand the various stages featured in the process of writing an academic essay, irrespective of the level of study. The first stage of writing an essay is exploring and analyzing the essay question, towards ensuring that it is perfectly understood.
This stage is very critical, considering that failing in the stage can render the essay pointless, or one that does not answer the question of study. The second stage is drafting the essay plan, which ideally is comprised of an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion. The essay plan is necessary, noting that it gives the essay direction, and makes the process of writing easier. The third stage is gathering the information needed to answer the essay question adequately.
The research stage is critical, considering that it can either yield the necessary information or lead to failure. The fourth stage is finalizing the essay, that is after researching for the needed information and arranging the contents of the essay according to the essay plan. However, during the third stage of doing the research, the study may widen the essay plan, after finding more information that is relevant to the essay question.
 In stage five, the writer will write the first draft of the essay, which will be made easier by the prior preparation. The writing process answers the essay question, provides support for ideas, and the attention to offer to the various points. In the sixth and last stage, the writer edits the essay to ensure that it meets all the basic style, content, and instruction thresholds that are required.
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