Monday, 21 March 2016

A guide to How to write a good Dissertation

            The process of writing a dissertation is methodical; it is completed in five stages. However, irrespective of developing the topic based on the five stages, the dissertation should meet various thresholds, including that it should have a clear objective, the topic of study should be clear, and the goal of the study should also be made explicit. In the first stage of writing the dissertation, the writer should explore the topic of study in-depth, to determine the contents to be featured in the dissertation. At this stage, it may be necessary for the student to consult with the supervisor or lecturer so that they can receive guidance on the scope of the study.
In stage two, the writer starts the planning of the study and doing the research needed to gather the information to be contained in the dissertation. In this stage, the writer should plan a timetable that will guide the execution of the various activities. In stage three, the writer will select an ideal structure for the dissertation. The selection of the structure guides the process of writing the various parts of the dissertation.
Ideally, the dissertation starts with a title page, followed by an abstract, until it ends with the references and appendices, which may call for consultations with the supervisor. In stage four, the writer checks the paper for the accuracy of content, style, originality of content, and whether it meets all the directions offered by the supervisor and standard practices. The fifth and the last stage is the inclusion of the references cited in the dissertation, and checking that they are presented according to the required citation style, for example, Harvard, MLA or APA. 
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