Saturday, 19 March 2016

How to Avoid Plagiarism on my Essay and Dissertation

            Students of all academic levels are required to write essays and dissertations by their teachers or lecturers. To write a paper that demonstrates the depth of research and the soundness of views, it is necessary to support the ideas presented, using the works of other writers. Getting the ideas, data, and other information needed to support the views presented in a paper requires a student to consult the information presented in sources such as journals, books, academic publications, magazines, and websites. However, the use of the ideas presented in the creative works of other writers presents the challenge of plagiarism, which results from copying or usage of the ideas and wording created by other writers.
            Avoiding plagiarism requires a student to write their paper in three steps. The three steps include 1) planning the writing; 2) carefully writing the paper, and 3) analyzing the sources used in the paper. During the step of planning the writing of the paper, the student should consult guides that provide information on plagiarism, and ways of avoiding it. During the step of writing the academic paper, a student needs to cite all the sources where the ideas featured in the paper were drawn, whether the ideas are directly quoted or paraphrased. When writing the academic paper, it is important to clarify the sources of ideas, which can be done by acknowledging the source of the ideas featured in the paper. The skills that are necessary in avoiding plagiarizing include the skills of paraphrasing the ideas of others, placing quoted words under quotation marks, and providing citation information to show where ideas were sourced.
            After the paper has been written, it is important to analyze the writing for mistakes, for example where the wrong information is provided about the source of an idea that is featured in the article. For a student that adheres to these three steps during the writing of an academic, it is almost guaranteed that they will produce essays and dissertations that are plagiarism free.
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