Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Complete Professional Psychiatrist

Ever thought of doing a read on Bangalore psychiatrists? More importantly ever thought of you landing up with any kind of behavioral problems? This is a must read because everyone thinks of approaching the best private psychiatrist in Bangalore in the hour of crisis? A city like Bangalore would face intense competition in trying to find the ideal practicing psychiatrist. This is because Bangalore is the behavioral problems diagnosis capital of India. Added to that is the fact that diagnoses of behavioral problems have jumped in leaps and bounds over the years gone by. In this cause Bangalore Psychiatrists have led from the front.
=The first quality would be that the best private psychiatrist in Bangalore would have to be an active participant in the dealing of the client’s issues, not limiting it to issues of psychiatry alone. Not only would he have to listen actively to the client but be technically equipped to give meaningful and problem resolving advice. It would imply that the Doctor would need to continuously upgrade his knowledge base in a manner best suit to him and his team.
=This implies that the Bangalore based psychiatrist would be willing to invest in his clients long term goals. For this his record keeping would have to be up to date. Not only would he have to ensure that the clients maintain clinical notes, past medicine prescription and the like. The psychiatrist would have to maintain records off his consultation with other professionals like physicians, pathologists and other cross functional teams like neurology and other specialties that he may have to consult in resolving the client’s behavioral problems.
=The best private psychiatrist in Bangalore must be a complete person in his outlook. Psychiatric patients by nature of their disease live stunted lives. He has to lead by example by encouraging a congenial family life. They must maintain personal hygiene, try to take up a job to match their skills that they may possess, and guide on such like issues being ruggedly affected by his behavioral problem.
=They must be a leader among the Bangalore psychiatrists as also among the integrated role of psychologist, psychiatric social workers, counselors, case managers, psychiatric nurses and support staff. This can be achieved by adding new knowledge, entering new emerging areas of enquiry in their field and such like path breaking tangential activities.
=By nature the best private psychiatrist in Bangalore must have administrative experience in Hospitals of repute, NGO’s , nodal bodies of psychiatrists like city chapters, state bodies to have an understanding of international, national and state policy making. Equally importantly he should have the ability to influence policy making issues important to the segment that he represents. This would include taking time off to teach, conduct research, make and publish presentations. For him to perform his role for pan India, which is not possible for him to travel, he must have in depth knowledge of critical behavioral problems.
This is by no means an exhaustive list. This is only an indicative list for psychiatrist to follow to become the best private psychiatrist of Bangalore. By no means are we either stating that is a practitioner’s guide. All we are trying to do is create an environment of debate and discussion. Points were psychiatrists know the role that they have to play in society and further their cause of self growth and development by effectively resolving behavioral problems. If you are a medical practitioner or a Doctor in the making are you ready to accept the challenge of being someday not so far in the future a Bangalore Psychiatrist.
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