Saturday, 18 June 2016

Psychiatrist Health Clinic In Bangalore, India

Psychiatric Health crisis was never a much talked-about subject in our Indian society. For most people in fact, it was actually considered an embarrassment to consult a psychiatrist.
But time has evolved, and so has the mindset of our society. Behavioral problems such as anxiety, depression, addiction, which were neither much prevalent in the early days, nor much taken care of, have now set their foot in every alternative household. Hence, ignorance is no more bliss. The society now understands the fact that Psychiatry is a life-giving science, parallel to any other field of Medicine. It focuses more on the invisible illness and care than the physical bruises.
At Cadabam's Hospitals, we endeavor to refurbish the state of mental healthcare in our country. Established in 1992, we make all the possible efforts to provide a 'home away from home' to all tose seeking psychiatric help. Our aim to stand out as the best private psychiatrists in Bangalore, by being the ultimate solution to all behavioral problems. With the help of an efficient team of Bangalore psychiatrists, counselors, clinical psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, physicians, gastroenterologists, neurologists and anesthesiologists, we try to extend maximum help to the psychologically troubled patients and their families.
Psychiatric crisis may not be a physically tangible problem, but its repercussions affect not only the one mentally ill patient, but also people around him. Behavioral Problems such as Psychosis, Dementia, Suicidal and Violent attitude, Stress and Depression, etc., can prove to be fatal if not attended to in time. Hence arises the need of an establishment that caters to psychiatric emergency well in time.
At Cadabam's, our medical facility works dexterously to address the needs of people requiring psycho socio rehabilitation as and when the need arises. With the launch of our Psychiatry Emergency Helpline, we have been able to help the critical patients just in time. In addition to that, we render Ambulance Services right at your door when we feel the situation is insoluble on a phone call.
With our base of operations located at JP Nagar, Bangalore, we have successfully widened our horizons by establishing a 400-bed center in the outskirts, thus becoming the best private psychiatrists in Bangalore.
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