Monday, 27 June 2016

Could computer and the internet really replace English teacher

A Controversial Question
At ELT English courses, workshops and TESOL meetings, one inquiry I'm every now and again asked is whether I think PCs will inevitably supplant English educators. I streak back to the film "Framework". In an early scene, our amateur legend "Neo" is learning Kung Fu by being connected to a PC. Sparse hours after the fact, he opens his eye, sits up, and declares, "I know Kung Fu!" The following scenes delineate how a more seasoned, more experienced guide (a.k.a. an instructor) catches up by assessing youthful Neo's "abilities". "Show me", the instructor asks in common design. Presently in the event that you've been taking after alongside me in this way, you as of now have an idea as to my asnswer to these instructors' inquiry.
PCs supplant a human English educator?
Is it accurate to say that you are joking?
"Ain't no chance, Jose."
In any case, English instructors, don't absolutely unwind just yet. What I think we DO need to do is to "re-imagine" a bit of the idea of "school". This is what I mean.
Rethinking the Concept of School
Schools, at essentially any level, should be for all intents and purposes and intelligently connected to a broad cluster of outside assets. This implies the "customary" board, markers and OHP should offer route to extra, coordinated assets that extend the classroom environment to a practically boundless degree. I mean the works; sound, video, web, webcams, IM, TXTing, talk, email, RSS, even ongoing multi-media info bolsters. The classroom and its understudies would be connected to extra assets like:
• Corporations
• Libraries
• Museums
• Government offices
• Science, innovation and restorative focuses
• Industry
• Laboratories
• Other learning Institutions
Along these lines, understudies would all the more ordinarily use learning exercises, for example, web journeys, between dynamic flow and virtual visits to extend and develop their insight on standards and ideas. The learners would never again be restricted to the information, assets and offices accessible at the foundation where they go to classes. Rather, the world, actually, is their classroom.
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