Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Vizag

Vizag is the 7th major metropolitan city in India and province of Andhra Pradesh. It is known as Vishakhapatnam or vaishakhapuram. It is situated on the coast of Bay of Bengal covering 544sq. km area on the south-east coast of India. The city has become the hub of information technology and highly developed in many areas like large industries, houses one of the biggest seaport, fishing, tourism, industrial mineral. It is undoubtedly a commercial centre of the state.
Bulk text messaging is rather very usual to the businesses now days. Businesses use bulk short message services to endorse business or as constituent part of their business like some business requires to send informative text message to its customers for example you get message in your mobile for a bank transaction done by you. There are mainly promotional SMS, transactional SMS and business SMS. You can choose any of above route as per your business requirement and a perfect suitable for the business. Generally Promotional SMS is for sending advertising messages and transactional for transaction messages to customers.
This bulk messages are very common as it’s a value added service. Many bulk sms providers in vizag claim to have very cost-effective messaging services. The common services of any bulk  message service provider includes send SMS messages, SMS gateway, receive SMS messages, manage SMS replies, voice SMS, bulk message API, e-mail marketing , send SMS online etc..
There are many bulk SMS provider in Vizag some of them are The Colour moon technologies, the dot media, S & S solutions, Jain InfoTech, bulksmsvizag.com, Lion SMS, WEGUS info tech and perhaps many more. Any such bulk SMS service provider will use text messaging gateway to send the number of text messages. To send the SMS in massive quantity text messaging gateway is used and is done through computer. Software makes it possible to send large number of messages with just few clicks. Some of the leading bulk sms in vizag also allows starting your own website for bulk SMS reseller to which they deliver full backing for promotion and assist technically.

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