Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How to Select Cloud Infrastructure Services Provider

“At the heart of every decision is governance, risk and compliance.  If you understand them, the contract will work” – Roy IIIsley
Global companies are showing great interest in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), it is imperative to large enterprises with global footprints. It facilitates a high quality service to all their employees, wherever they are located and no matter which device they use to access services.
However it is very important to select a right infrastructure services provider who understands and is aligned to the organizational goals and requirements. Below mentioned are the key points one should consider while selecting a cloud infrastructure services provider.
  • Service Level Agreements –
It is crucial to find an infrastructure service provider who understands and agrees to the Service Level Agreement proposed by your organization. However the important aspects of the service level agreement for global enterprises are speed and availability. A CIO would prefer a cloud infrastructure service provider who is available at the right time in the right place when the need arises.
  • Trust –
It is a no brainer that the service provider has to be trustworthy. You should be able to respect the infrastructure service provider, their principals and the process. Once you start working with them every small thing will contribute towards building a strong relationship, which is the most important aspect.
  • Asking the right questions –
Don’t hesitate to ask right questions! If you have it your mind, please make sure that you clarify those points well in advance. This helps in better understanding and expectation setting at an early stage.
 Choosing a right cloud infrastructure service provider will ensure a long term partnership with them.

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