Friday, 29 January 2016

Andhra Tasty and Spicy Pickles

Imagine the love, dedication and affection your grandmothers had on you and how deliciously she used to prepare pickles at home for you. Mouth Watering!! Isn’t it?? Andhra style pickles bring back that integrity, that homely nostalgic taste right to your doorsteps. We specialize in different varieties of pickles which will make to feel at home. A study has found that those who consume about 200 mg of magnesium for every 1000 calories consumed, were 47% less likely to develop insulin resistance and diabetes, compared to those who consumed half the amount of magnesium. In addition, the researchers also discovered that increased level of magnesium in our body decreases chances of inflammation to body parts. Magnesium serves many important metabolic functions in our body.
Buy Andhra pickles online is possessed by Loki Enterprises The product order shipment and delivery confirmation message will be received by the buyer on the mobile number or email address provided at the website in the customer details section at the time of order confirmation. Any mistake in filling the details and hence leading to the inappropriate delivery will be the sole liability of the buyer and not the company. All the shipment and delivery status can be tracked by the buyer using the email address provided at the website as personal details. Andhrastylepickles collect delivery charge of 50 for the orders value less than 200 Rupees. All the orders above 200 will be shipped at the free of cost.
Andhra pickles are famous for their mouth watering taste. And mango pickles of various kinds are typical to Andhra. Known as Avakaya, the mango pickles are absolutely delectable, spicy, tangy and simply tempting. Pickles are a wonderful source of magnesium and an essential part of human diet. Our pickle contains the right amount of magnesium required for your diet and is the right option to take in magnesium when supplied with such a mouth watering taste and reminds of our grandmothers.
Buy pickles online from the website helps us to save time. There are several of varieties of pickles starting from sweet to sour pickles.

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